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Not Fair But Still Fun

noire m

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"[She] remains true to [her] own standards of morality and decency even when those around [her] have very different standards. This makes [her] strong." - miss_emelia

"[her] superhero name would be Blinds-You-With-Her-Smile Girl." - masterfiddler

"She's a very complicated person. With corsets. Who can dance. And she can read." - lonita

"[She's] not nearly as innocent as most people seem to think." - loupyone

"CAUTION noirem has been known to release innuendo with little or no warning. In case of accidental/unauthorized detonation, return fire in kind. Not to be used with alcohol unless combined with personal protective equipment." - ribbin

"She's a fun and slightly distracted young lady, and I have heard a rumor that she is actually a human good luck charm." - eriktdahl

"My sugar-sister, my twin in bounciness, a sweet and fun girl who's deeper than you think at first glance." - deirdremoon

"She has the self-preservational instincts of a lobotomized lemming.*" - dancingshaman *said about a character I was playing, rather than about me, but since I based the character on myself at 17...

"i'm not sure what i like most about [her]: the fact that [she's] fun, the fact that [she's] attractive, or the fact that [she's] a total book nerd. but i'm wagering on the latter." - targaff

"[Jennifer] is a fine dancer, knitter and voracious reader (among other things). She's also managed the trick of becoming less pure without becoming more corrupt over the time I've known her." - tsgeisel

"[She's a] bubbly young lady, well liked by mutual friends." - baronlaw

"...she's a very solid lead and follow both." - tshuma

"I love that you came to DHP as a facilatrix, that really bent my image of you, what you like and what you're willing to try.... I look forward to more of your dry and snarky humor - it's a particular favorite style of mine, as it is a family tradition." - labelleizzy