Jennifer (noirem) wrote,

Happiness is...

Happiness is that feeling you get after exercising, for me usually dancing but today it's swimming, that feeling that you're completely centred in your body, occupying it fully: fingertip to fingertip, head to toe. When your body says, "you can stretch me further, work me harder. Give me more!"

Happiness is so much sunshine you have to pull the curtains to keep some out so you can see, rooms fully of tiny rainbows from scattered prisms, plants stretching and growing, snowdrops and crocuses, and even the daffodils in the planters opening their faces to the world.

Happiness is trying new recipes and eating delicious food and thinking "I made this." It's getting a box of vegetables, figuring out what you got this week, and what you can do with it, and a long list of "leftovers" in the freezer if you don't feel like cooking.

Happiness is cuddling on the sofa with your fiancé; a kitten to your left and one to his right, both asleep. Watching them watch birds, tails twitching, making their little chirping clicks when they spot one. Having them seek out skritches and cuddles and look pathetic (Oliver) or imperious (Libby) to coax you into playing their favourite games.

Happiness is talking to friends (even if "just" online) and drinking tea and feeling loved and making plans to hang out with someone new, or see a familiar face for the first time in months.
Tags: happiness
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