Jennifer (noirem) wrote,

Summer in Pitlochry

In June, when we get married, the sun will rise around 4:20 and set at 22:00* for a little under 18 hours of daylight. Hopefully most of them will be sunny.

A wanning three quarter moon will be up for over 9 hours - mostly when the sun is up. The moon won't rise until 1:30 the morning after we're married - I don't plan to be in a position to notice.

With such a slender moon rising late, there's a chance it'll be dark enough to sleep around 23:30. Fortunately, the curtains at the hotel are heavy.

The average temperature high for that time of year is about 17C/63F. Lows are around 10C/50F.

There's an average of 8 rainy days in June (9 in July) and 6 hours of sunshine per day (out of almost 18 hours of daylight). July averages 5 hours of sunshine per day.

* I'm rounding off.
Tags: weather, wedding, wedding planning
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