Jennifer (noirem) wrote,

Inverness Weather Update

This week in Inverness, we finally made it to the positive side of 8 hours of daylight and we're gaining daylight at almost 4 minutes a day. Yesterday some of that daylight was even sunshine, which I hear was very nice for people with access to windows. We put away our Happy (SAD) Light for the year, or at least haven't pulled it out of the drawer in a few weeks. The sun comes up around the time I leave in the morning and sets after I get home.

The weather is still fairly close to freezing (it's been above freezing most of these last week weeks, but the "feels like" temperature hasn't) but freezing's not so bad after well bellow freezing, except for when you think, "it's warmed up a lot, I don't need tights and longjohns and trousers - I'll just wear the trousers!" and then it's, well, freezing. The (boxing)mittens Aneska made for me were my constant companions when there was snow. Last week I was wearing my wool fingerless gloves and just keeping my hands in my pockets, but it's getting colder again and I should at least step up to my lightweight mittens or I'm going to lose some fingers.

It feels like spring is just around the corner. The birds are tweeting, the grass is very green, the daffodils in my half barrels are poking up, and walking home I saw a shrub that had started to bloom. I'm really looking forward to spring.
Tags: inverness, weather, winter
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